As the founder of RGS my idea was born out of my love for indie games and especially the community built around them.  The freedom to create whatever you can dream with the latest technologies and not only that for free is just an incredible time to live in.  


With the massively talented community pushing out all different types of content from code to music to art - the diversity and creativity is infectious.  


If you are an indie dev studio with no real way to provide a website, I can help you out with that!  With my site, I can enable you and your team to display your work and create a Presskit for easy sharing with press outlets. 


This is all driven from my passion for the subject of indie games design and development and I hope one day to be able to support teams in a more practical and financial way.  


So if you are involved in developing a game in any way, whether that be music, code, art, design, promotion - please feel free to add yourself to my site and link yourself up with other teams and projects!

Site: robsgameshack.com

Twitter: robsgameshack

Insta: robsgameshack

Twitch: robsgameshack

Rob’s Game Shack is a collection of Games and Game Creators, developers, geniuses - call them what you will.  The aim of RGS is to connect people to games, projects and teams and to provide a useful and tidy space for indie devs to communicate and promote their projects. 

Want to be featured here?

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  • Free promotion for projects and people

  • Find and connect with others!

  • Presskits for projects

  • Self-management - you own and manage your own data

  • Posting in the news section - add your own news or articles!

  • Easy sharing across social media

  • Deals page - get some cool deals collated from around the web.