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What is GDLX?

Game Dev London (GDL) is a community organisation that aims to connect game developers not just in London but around the world and we host various events throughout the year to support this goal. One of these events is GDLX, a showcase for indie games and their creators.


The event also includes a series of talks and panel discussions about game development, providing a platform for developers to share their knowledge and experiences.


#GDLX23 is the latest edition of this event, and it promises to be an exciting and informative experience for attendees. The event will take place on March 29th at 26 Leake Street, London.


GDLX 2023 will feature a variety of indie games, which will be available to play, giving attendees the opportunity to discover new and exciting games, and learn more about the developers behind them.

Alongside talks and panel discussions, the event will also feature dedicated networking spaces and an industry after-party, giving attendees the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas, and potentially form collaborations for future game development projects. With a diverse range of attendees from different backgrounds, GDLX 2023 is the perfect event for anyone interested in the game development industry to network and learn from others in the field.

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Game Dev London proudly presents, in partnership with MLC, GDLX 2023 - an exhibition of the best speakers, panellists, and indie games in the Indie Game Dev community.

Join us on March 29th 2023 at 26 Leake Street, London, for a full day of talks followed by a chilled evening of playing games and networking.

Expo Event (Day) Ticket: £20

Industry After Party (Night) Ticket: £20
All Access Ticket: £30









Game Dev London is dedicated to supporting the UK indie development scene and as part of this, we have announced the "Golden Ticket" showcase, a series of games from university students and even entrants from our Global Game Jam 2023 jam site!




MLC is the home of empowered and dependable freelance game artists working with game developers to enhance development towards exceptional games.


A note from MLC:

We recognise the fantastic platform GDLX brings for indie developers to showcase their work and gain exposure to a larger audience. We believe in the power of community and networking; partnering with GDLX allows us to be a part of this community and support indie developers in their journey.


By supporting indie developers, MLC is excited to be contributing to the growth and development of the gaming industry as a whole. We want to connect with these developers, learn about their latest projects, and provide support/resources to help them succeed.


We’re thrilled to work together with GDL, the team are not only brilliantly awesome, but they also share our consistent passion for indie games, giving back to the industry and helping indie developers reach their full potential.


As the home of empowered and dependable freelance game artists working with large game studios, MLC will be at GDLX hosting their own MLC Zone, with some of the team and their fantastic clients exhibiting their games and studios, where you can chat directly with the devs and play their games.

MLC's free "Budget Builder" area

Bookable with limited slots

We will be giving devs at GDLX the opportunity to discuss their game/s, build up their game budget and discover how MLC can help reduce costs through co-development partnerships. These personalised estimates will be based on resources for animation, 3D production (rigging, modelling etc), character design, key art, trailers and more.




Informative talks from some of the best and brightest in the games industry, and panels from a diverse range of speakers, covering important game dev topics from programming, to game audio, to setting up your own studio, and beyond!



We will be showcasing the best of the next generation of indie games from the indie community. Check out games from the members of our Discord and the wider community, and be inspired to make your own! 

Chill Out


After the main event, join us later for a casual evening chill out. Come and join us in a relaxed environment and meet the community for an evening of chatting, chilling, and playing games. This is all about being inclusive and accessible, for all developers and game makers! 


Where To Find Us

Thinking about attending our events? Join our Discord!

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