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Launching Game Dev London

Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Game Dev London blog!

Now that you’re here I’m sure you want to know more about what kind of things you can expect from the blog and more information about the Game Dev London community, so let’s use this opening post as a means of introduction.

First of all, thank you for being here.

Communities are nothing without people and it is people like you who will build and shape the Game Dev London community.

But what is that community all about I hear you cry? Well, at present it is a community of over 2000 kind, generous, supportive and creative people. It’s also one of the most diverse communities you can be part of. If you haven’t found “your people” you’ll likely find they’re here.

It is a community made by games developers for games developers and we are passionate about every aspect of games from design and conception to production and release.

Of course, we also love to play, whether that’s playing an existing game together or playtesting each other’s creations.

This blog, in conjunction with our series of Podcasts and Vlogcasts, Live Streams and more, will look at all aspects of game development and the gaming industry in general.

From interviews with developers to in-depth looks at different techniques, we aim to inform, educate, entertain and provide a resource which we hope you will find useful no matter what stage your career is at.

Although London based, we want to enable indie developers from across the UK (and even further afield!) to connect with each other, share ideas and highlight useful resources. 

Not to be too serious about things though, we also want to be a fun and friendly place for you to hang out and make friends, whatever your area of expertise or experience level.

Dare I say, we want to help you level up!

That about wraps up this introduction, so now it is time for you to jump right in! Why not head over to the very first episode of our podcast or follow Game Dev London on LinkedIn or twitter!

We hope to be bringing you even more exciting content in the future, so make sure you stay tuned to find out what we’ve got in store.

Remember that this is your community, so if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see just let us know below in comments.

For now though, welcome on board and thanks for reading!

This introduction has been written by video games blogger Pix1001.