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The Game Dev London Mission

Hello and welcome!

Hopefully, you enjoyed our first episode, of not, don’t despair it’s still available here! We dived into the basics of setting up a company, managing staff, and looking for more funding!

As we’re nearing the launch of our second episode, it’s worth talking a bit more about what Game Dev London is and what we hope it becomes.

There are five core tenants we are adhering to as Game Dev London, which we wanted to talk a bit more about so that we seem a bit less like a new idea and a bit more like the coming together of ideals that already exist in the game dev community.


Between our hosts and our guests, we have a breadth of experience, not only across disciplines but also across industries. We are here to have a laugh and chat freely of course, but we’re also here to teach and inform listeners and viewers about aspects of game development which they may not be aware of, or they may already and want it reinforced. We want people to tune in each week to find out more about their craft and improve the skills and awareness of the industry as a whole.


If we’re going to take 30 minutes to an hour out of your day, we better make it enjoyable! We will always endeavour to make our episodes fun and entertaining, whether that’s by having absorbing guests or by having engaging hosts! We’re here to make you laugh and smile as much as we are to teach and advise.


As well as covering a range of topics at a high level, we want to go into depth on some topics to give people a much deeper understanding of the ideas involved.  This involves creating episodes that explain technical skill sets, from code to art, from production to management. We want people to be able to gain expert knowledge from the podcasts to improve upon their craft, as well as enjoy the podcast as a whole!


We want Game Dev London to be more than just one aspect. There is a podcast, and there will be events, but the goal is to build a community of people. We want to bring people together from across the industry, have them share stories, and form friendships that extend beyond the limits of the game dev community. We also want to provide a way for people to find friends in the industry. By building a community of like-minded spirits, people will always be able to find other Game Dev London members at games industry events, meaning new people can feel safer and supported no matter the occasion. And of course, form teams to make new games!


We want to represent the industry and all of its diversity. We are lucky to work in an incredibly inclusive community and we want to share that with the world. We will endeavour to promote diversity in all aspects of Game Dev London, whether that be management, hosts, or special guests. You can get in touch with us directly to let us know your thoughts and opinions, and we welcome feedback from all people.

Those are our five core tenants. Hopefully, that gives you a little insight into what we have planned and how we intend to conduct ourselves over the coming weeks, months, and years! We will be holding ourselves accountable to these tenants, so if you think we’re not matching up to our ideals, then please let us know! In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the Game Dev London podcast and we are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events in the future!

- Adam

Game Dev London Host

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We hope to be bringing you even more exciting content in the future, so make sure you stay tuned to find out what we’ve got in store.

Remember that this is your community, so if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see just let us know below in comments.

For now, though, welcome on board and thanks for reading!

This blog post has been written by Adam Boyne GDL HOST