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The Game Dev London Podcast aims to support the UK games industry with knowledge and stories from those at its core. We aim to help both those who are just starting out, as well as those looking to learn from the best and hone their skills. Find out more by visiting our podcast page, by searching for Game Dev London in your favourite podcast app, or by clicking an episode below for a short summary:

Game Dev London

Game Dev London

Game Dev London
Showcasing Your Game And Finding An Audience - #185 - Game Dev London Podcast
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Voice And Dialogue Production in Game Dev - #184 - Game Dev London Podcast
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Everything you wanted to know about Customer Service (in Games) - #183 - Game Dev London Podcast
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Scope: What is it and why is it so creepy? - #182 - Game Dev London Podcast - #GGJ Special
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Game Dev London is the UK's fasting growing network of game developers, providing access and opportunities for those pursuing a career in game development.

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